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Finally in English, too!

Little Pierre- Messy stories

 Having a CUSTODIAN ANGEL can come in handy, protecting you and making up for trouble! PIERRE, however, got PILAR, leather jacket, tuft of tawny unruly hair, irreverent character and inclination to CAUSE!


Not very knowing that PILAR is a...

89 color pages- 21,59x27,94 cm.

Possible order Italy:  € 17,19

Possible order USA:  $ 17,75

Cover- Little Pierre- Messy stories
Cover- Little P...
Pag. 23- Little Pierre
Pag. 23- Little...
Pag. 24- Little Pierre
Pag. 24- Little...
Pag. 25- Little Pierre
Pag. 25- Little...
Pag. 26- Little Pierre
Pag. 26- Little...
Pag. 27- Little Pierre
Pag. 27- Little...
Pag. 28- Little Pierre
Pag. 28- Little...
Pag. 61- Little Pierre
Pag. 61- Little...
Pag. 62- Little Pierre
Pag. 62- Little...
Pag. 76- Little Pierre
Pag. 76- Little...
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